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Heel Time with Bill Maher

April 26, 2009

Last night, I broke my self-imposed rule and attempted to watch his show again, only because Craig Ferguson was to be a guest and I really, really enjoy him. I did not make it that far. I didn’t make it past the monologue; you may understand why if you watch the Youtube clip posted above.

While I am hesitant to give this vile little man any face time, I couldn’t let it go. He started immediately bashing Governor Sarah Palin. A woman who has more integrity in her little finger than Bill Maher could ever hope to have. In a way, I understand his lashing out…..being surrounded by Liberal lackeys, I’m quite certain Governor Palin is an anomaly to him. He doesn’t know any self-reliant, strong, smart and beautiful women.

Still, his dismissive and extremely offensive “jokes” were beyond the pale. He started off with the talking point of the day…She’s not experienced. Which is ridiculous in and of itself; I’ll take her experience, both in terms of life experience as well as professionally over Barack Obama’s or Joe Biden’s any day of the week.

However, the way he tried to make his non-existent point, was to say that John McCain is saying “hey, if I can’t serve or of something happens to me, this STEWARDESS will be in charge”. Stewardess?! Um, paging Gloria Steinem ……..I suspect that is a wasted page. I also suspect the Feminists silence on this issue will be deafening.

Sorry, Bill, but she would FLY the damn plane. She is a f*cking pilot, you sanctimonious little pr*ck. Likely, in fact, she’ll fire the Air Force One pilot much like she fired her security staff as unecessary (she has her own guns and knows how to use them) and the gubernatorial cook because, as she said “she can make sammiches herself for her kids.

He then proceeded to make some lame jokes about her beauty pageant wins when she was a teen-ager (something about how it is hard to walk in high heeled snow shoes. Dude, if you are going to be an utter asshole, at least try to be slightly funny. Though, I again understand your confusion…….you haven’t been around beautiful, yet amazingly smart women often).

But, when he brought in her infant child, who has Downs Syndrome (with a “joke” about how the baby looks sort of like John Edwards), that was the proverbial last straw. And it just shows how sick and mean the Left have become. They aren’t caring, they aren’t tolerant and they are certainly not open minded. If Bill Maher is any indication, they will show just how hypocritical and down-right nasty they are many more times over the next couple of months.

You see, they don’t know what to do with Governor Palin. She confuses them; they don’t understand her, nor do they understand the people who DO. They are used to Feminists; women whose meme is to whine and who have an overwhelming need to be a victim. They don’t understand that Governor Palin is a TRUE Feminist; a real woman. A woman who is self-sufficient, self-reliant, a loving wife and Mommy to 5 children, a woman who practices what she preaches always and not only when convenient to her, a woman with real life experiences and learning, a woman who knows that cutting someone’s property taxes means WAY more to a family than sending them a token check, a woman who has worked with her hands and not just in theory, a woman who is incredibly smart and gifted and tough as nails, yet still beautiful and feminine.

I would be hurting for Governor Palin over the already cruel bashes and the even crueler ones that I am sure are coming down the pike. However, those that know her best, her family, said yesterday that she relishes fighting the establishment, that she “gets feisty” when challenged and that she never, ever backs down from a fight.

I, for one, could not be looking forward to it more. I suggest, Mr. Maher, that you really watch and really listen to Governor Palin. I suspect you will soon witness a True Feminist Movement. You just might learn something, if it isn’t too late.

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  1. tosstsalad permalink
    April 26, 2009 5:40 pm

    As an unrepentant misogynist, I think Governor Palin is smokin’ hot in a pair of jeans.

    With that out of the way, I must admit that it’s been YEARS since I’ve watched Bill Maher. I’m not even sure what his politics truly are but his jokes about the good governor follow the left wing’s default strategy of pre-emptive snark (sorry for the association).

    Now,this not to say that we on the right are no strangers to the art of snark and I’m surely not going to defend the Republican party (the two party system makes me sick – see G. Washington’s farewell address), but i think the left is unbelievably effective at belittling the up ‘n comers of the GOP before they assume any true leadership role: Reagan (the elderly B-actor who did Mr. George Goes to Washington), George Bush Sr. (wimp), Dan Quayle (the dummy spelled it potato”e”), Bobby Jindal (lightweight puppet uncomfortably walking down the hall), George Bush Jr. (daddy bought me an oil company and a baseball team), and Sarah Palin (I shoot wolves in Russia from my helicopter).

    Like I said the right does it too, but, as a criticism, we tend to wait until our targets of snark actually attain power. And then it’s too late.

  2. tosstsalad permalink
    April 26, 2009 5:42 pm

    By the way, I don’t know how you’re able to write such great posts. Whatever drugs you take, keep doing ’em!

  3. snarkandboobs permalink*
    April 26, 2009 5:58 pm

    Exactly, Tosst (still giggling at the name, btw. I have the mentality of a teen-age boy, evidently)

    At least WE snark for good reason; we snark based on things people have actually done (or have not done, as the case may be). The Left makes up things about which to snark…no, they actually belittle and degrade. Especially if it is a woman or a minority who DARES to not follow their ideas of what a woman or a minority should believe. THEY are the true racists and misogynists.

    We need to learn to do it pre-emptively as well. Yes, there is that whole “will sink us to their level” deal, but if we don’t swallow our pride, we are doomed.

    As for the drugs….unfortunately, it’s all natural. Sigh.

  4. francesdrakewrites permalink
    May 7, 2009 3:27 am

    I hope that more thinking people will begin to blog the truth and stand up to those who are systematically destroying our country.

  5. S.E. permalink
    June 4, 2009 4:31 am

    While we can agree that Maher is, indeed, an idiot, I would expect someone as well-spoken and intelligent as you to recognize that Governor Sarah Palin is far from what you make her out to be. I am a Republican, and I voted for John McCain, but Sarah Palin did not make my decision easy. She is a total hypocrite, and maybe in the Alaskan political arena you can act childishly and flirt like she does, but on the national stage… come on! You need more than looks to get elected, and let’s face it, she had nothing more than her looks to offer. Her running again in 2012 would be a strong indication of how desperate and lost the Republican Party is right now.

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