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Get Carter Redux

September 9, 2008

President Carter’s vile remarks the other week regarding how he believes that John McCain is “milking” his POW status really stuck in my craw. It also served to remind me of another time, several months ago, when he “spoke truth to power” (shown in the video above). That interview has been itching at the back of my little old brain every time I gaze upon a certain someone, because I, scarily, see a lot of Jimmy Carter in The One We’ve Been Waiting For…….Again, Senator Barack H. Christ. And that doesn’t sit well with me……my memory is long and won’t allow me to forget the absolute despair (oddly, the opposite of Hope) that was the Carter Administration.

While I do tend to believe that Presidents generally deserve respect for holding the admittedly very difficult position of leading the Country (and for all intents and purposes, the Free World), I believe that if Jimmy Carter can break protocol by bashing his fellow past Presidents as well as a sitting President in an unprecedented manner, then so can I, one of the “little people” for whom all Government employees, including the President, are supposed to work. (I hate that term, by the way. I hate even more the fact that some people seem to relish calling themselves “the little guy” or the “common” man. Uh, why belittle yourself?)

You may not agree and you may think it shows a horrendous lack of manners or civility, but, hey, I am not perfect (obviously) and have quite a few flaws. Example: I have been known to drive around blasting George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”. And singing, loudly and rather badly, along with it. That, my costume fetish, my tendency to blurt out whatever is on my mind and the fact that I watched the entire season of Rock of Love. Only to make snarky comments, of course. Sadly, they were all out loud and I was watching it alone.

Anyhoops, I won’t turn a deaf ear to President Jimmy Carter’s continuously egregious comments just because he was once elected to the Presidency. I didn’t vote for him, clearly; I was still drinking from the bottle at the time. (Pathetically, I was 5 years old. Which is yet another flaw: oral fixation. Oh, wait……Never mind. That’s a positive).

Not only is President Carter wrong, as ever, but he is, in fact, delusional. Yeah, diplomacy with Iran has a history of working out so well, doesn’t it? And, if they don’t cave under the severe threat of the dreaded and harsh acts of diplomacy, i.e. dialogues and conversations, we should then move to …….stronger conversations? Has he been dipping into his brother’s stash? Lay off the Billy Beer, President Carter. Please. And stop dealing it to Obama. I know you must be, as he is espousing the very same ideology and policies (term used loosely, obvy)

Thanks for the hearty laugh, however, Mr. President. It is awfully cute how you claim to have made only ONE mistake during your Presidency. Hmm….seems like there is another fellow who doesn’t admit to mistakes. At least, I think he doesn’t….it is rather hard to make a mistake when you vote Present instead of making an actual decision. I’m also not sure because we aren’t allowed to ask any questions…about anything. That’s a racist distraction! Plus, it’s divisive. That isn’t good for our diversity and all.

But, since you obviously have no grasp of concepts involving anything of import…..or reality, for that matter, I can only assume that you must be referring to the error in judgment you made when you allowed Billy out of the attic and into the public arena. On that, once again, I must disagree. Billy was the far, far preferable Carter.

Hey, someone else is buddy buddy with a Billy….Billy Ayers..oh, shoot! That’s questioning his judgment and that isn’t allowed. My mistake.

Well, guess what…fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. And I don’t intend on feeling shamed. I’m banking on the rest of the Country feeling the same way.

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