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We Are Sarah Palin

September 5, 2008

I saw those “I Am Sarah Palin” pins and realized Feminist Scheminist. There is a new movement afoot: The Palinist Movement. Last night, not only did I witness history in the making, but I heard the death knell of that old Feminist Movement. I heard, in its stead, a call to arms for true Feminists; Palinists, if you will (though, I am open to suggestions. Palinist sounds too much like Stalinist, which is a diametrically opposed ideal….However, if our public school system is any indication, most haven’t heard the term Stalinist). I saw the glass ceiling come crashing down, once and for all.

The reason that glass ceiling, until now, was only cracked and not annihilated is because while “Feminists” were busily pant suiting themselves and trying to become men, other women were out there raising families and learning through actual living. The old school Feminists forgot (or chose to ignore; they are big on paying lip service to “choosing”) the greatest thing that sets us apart. Being a Mommy.

Even if one doesn’t physically have a child, a woman is born with an instinctual drive to nurture, to fix problems She is innately sage, with a quality that gets to the crux of the matter with no bullshit. A practicality that gets things done and often inspires others to do the same (with a single stern glance of warning, usually). A person who actually gets results and puts the achievement of those results before her own self-aggrandizement…….

What the far left Feminists never realized, and apparently still don’t if the news coverage today is any example, is that Sarah Palin is more like “most women” than they are. She is definitely more of what most women consider the ideal. She’s the standard bearer of an ordinary, small town American woman who has done extraordinary things in extraordinary ways.

See, we don’t rely on a victim mentality; we rely on ourselves and the love of our families. What some seem to forget is that having a family isn’t a bad thing, being a Mommy doesn’t take away from what you can do, it isn’t detrimental to your “job qualifications”. It is the exact opposite. It adds to your character, it is an attribute, It strengthens you. We embrace Motherhood, we don’t consider it a “punishment”.

We Moms (working outside the home or within) can vivisect you with words in a debate, can provide thoughtful insight towards solving great problems, wield both a gun and a sewing needle with ease, yet still look good in a bathing suit, kiss boo-boo skinned knees and make a mean rack of lamb.

We don’t need fancy teleprompters; we speak from our hearts and our minds. And crumpled up drafts…..we use a little common sense and simply smooth them out . We fix problems, we don’t talk about them endlessly.

We know how to manage budgets, often times very very tight ones. Yet, we make it work somehow by CUTTING OUT non-necessities, sacrificing needless things, finding ways to make things work, by using the free market and shopping at CostCo or Walmart and not Whole Foods. Not by whining and moaning about needing more or coveting the earnings of others.

3:00 am is no problem for us; we are ready at a moments notice; we are often up at midnight, 2:00 a.m, 4:00 a.m. to take care of the needs of others.

We don’t learn by trying to be something we are not, but rather we learn BY LIVING. (Most often in our wonderful small towns, none of which, in my experience are bitter)

We nurture, not in a way that intends on us taking care of you forever, but in a way that teaches you to succeed on your own. A Nanny might make you feel good for the moment, might make you feel protected, most often protected from yourself. But, you see, you need A Mommy to teach you how to figure things out on your own and how to take care of yourself for a lifetime. How to take advantage of the greatest Freedom on Earth and how to hold onto it tightly.

She’ll set you straight once in a while, with a stern word or a strategically placed comment used to help you think for yourself…Governor Palin showed that kind of nudging last night…She let it be known, with that innate sagocity (I am making that word. I have that power), that if you are even considering Obama, you might need to stop that; It might not be good for you and you might not be making the wisest decision. I believe it just may have worked. My brother had 3 friends call him today, after having watched the speech last night… all 3 are in their low to mid 20s and were for Obama because they wanted “change” (exact words) and all 3 said “man, I’m an idiot. What was I thinking?”. Sound familiar?

The Real Feminist. I do believe the Left is in for a very rude awakening and I think it is well, well past time. Thankfully, it isn’t too late.


Senator Obama, I scribbled this on the back of my grocery list while in the midst of perusing the hot dog section (it’s called multi-tasking, another excellent “experience” qualification a Mommy has), which reminded me that I have a bit of sage Mommy advice for you. Eat a damn hot dog once in a while and bypass those fancy schmancy arugula salads. It won’t kill you. And, it might put some meat on those bones. You’re too damn skinny!

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