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The Experience Factor: But……but…..but I Run a Campaign, says Obama.

September 4, 2008

So, Obama now says he has more Executive experience than that purty little chick from the sticks, as he runs a campaign. Yes, he equates GOVERNING with running a political campaign. I won’t even get into the fact that I’m pretty sure there are Campaign Managers for that.

What’s worse is that he said he had more experience in “running things” due to his campaign because his budget and number of “employees” exceeds those of which Sarah Palin was in charge while Mayor. Um, just plain wrong on so many levels first of all. Secondly, she is currently the GOVERNOR of the largest, most oil-rich state in the Country. Kinda think that trumps figuring out how many campaign signs and sammiches to order for a rally.

Apparently, Barack Obama is more delusional than I first thought. So, here are some other facts, Senator Barack H. Perfect, in case you are wondering:

Bowling, especially badly (dude, that was seriously embarrassing to watch), does not equal “showing you are one of the working folks”.

Shopping at a Farmers market does not equal being a farmer.

Holding a baby is not the same as pushing one out of your loins

Buying a car does not equal being a mechanic

Watching the shuttle take-off, or landing, does not equal being an astronaut. Though, you might want to pull a “Lisa Nowack, Astronut” and toss on a Depends prior to watching the VP debate and prior to your own debate with John McCain. You’ll need it.

Putting on a flag lapel pin simply to pander does not automatically make you a patriot

Going fishing does not equal running a commercial fishery…..oh, wait! Sarah Palin has done that ?

Living in a town, does not make you Mayor…..or Governor…….what? Sarah Palin has done both?

Whining does not lower property taxes…..She did that too? By 60%? Perplexing!

Talking about “change” does not equal Reform……wait, what? That’s how she entered the political arena? You mean not everyone does so by joining radical, politically-tied churches and “community organizing”?

Deciding not to abort a child is not above some people’s “pay grades”

I’m sure I’ll think of further sage advice for you, Jesus H. Obama, but I’m far too busy foaming at the mouth at the moment. I’ll get back to you. Likely right around the same time as you get back to me with any sort of specifics regarding your policies. Yeah, that means don’t hold your breath.

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