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It Depends on What the Definition of Support Is

November 20, 2007

They were just trying to collect donations for American troops. But the Boy Scouts end up getting busted by the City of Cambridge. All their boxes were taken down at polling stations for being too “pro-war.”

I’m confused. I’ve been hearing ad nauseum from the likes of Senator Harry Reid, Rosie O’Donnell, Speaker Pelosi et al. that “You don’t have to support the war to support the troops. We all support the troops”. Well, apparently not. At least according to Cambridge, Massachusetts election board, which claims that you CAN’T Support the Troops unless you are “Pro-War”. ( I am certain that Sens Kerry and Kennedy of MA have also claimed to Support the troops, but not the war. OK, I know that no one with half a brain believed either one of them when they said that, as they both have slandered our military on more than one occasion, but still) What the hell does “pro-war” mean, by the way? Um, most people that I know do not LIKE War, but understand it is a necessary evil at times. Though, I guess if you don’t even believe in the existence of evil (terrorists being just poor misunderstood freedom fighters and all), then you don’t comprehend that concept.

Yeah, I’m even angrier than usual about this. However, I’m not surprised, sadly. Due to the reason given in the diatribe above and also because I’m fairly certain that the Left has had the Boy Scouts in their sights ever since that whole no gay troop leaders debacle. Speaking of which, I wonder if those parents concerned about the possibility of gay troop leaders have subsequently removed their kids from public schools and if they no longer send them to church. Only because it seems to me, based on the current hip trend, there is more to worry about with female middle school teachers and catholic priests.

Not to mention the fact that The People’s Republic of Massachusetts, in its infinite wisdom, most likely believes that the Boy Scouts’ time would be much better spent picking up birth control from the school nurse, learning about Heather’s Two Mommies and practicing dissent as patriotism as opposed to ACTUAL patriotism.

The fact that the Boy Scouts use the term “troop” must also stick in their craw. I expect a petition soon asking the Boy Scouts to call each group a co-operative, as the term troop is far too War Monger-y and violent. And you know what happens when kids are exposed to violence, right? I’m actually asking because I’m confused as usual. They keep coming out with new studies! Childhood obesity, I expect, though.

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  1. I Don't Like Nobody That Don't Like Me permalink
    November 21, 2007 4:42 am

    I wish the antiwar left would act like they used to around Vietnam time, namely by flipping off soldiers or trying to spit on them. At least back then they were honest about who they were, no matter how despicable that might be. Even if today they ditched the pretense of pretending to admire those in the military, they’d still not admit how rotten they are for the fact that, no matter whether or not you’re personally sold on a war’s justification, you’re supposed to hope we win it once we’re in it. Eh, I suppose that’s too similar to mindlessly cheering for one side during a barbaric sports game where selfish millionaires chase a ball while teachers and librarians remain underpaid. Of course, primitive notions such as loyalty, pride, and necessary, honorable violence are scoffed at by the same people who think that juvenile rebellion makes them smarter, better human beings than the rest of us. They’d probably additionally point out that the Boy Scouts are nothing but a paramilitary organization for young males, so how dare these genocide perpetrators-in-training do something nice for soldiers who spread imperialism and intolerance and hatemongering and harm of the environment, probably? Except for what armed forces members actually do for a living, their physical and psychological comfort, and for them as human beings, the left supports the troops!

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