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French Lessons; Socialists, Elections and Riots, oh my!

May 7, 2007

I usually find it difficult to distinguish between protesters and the French. Both groups are unwashed, rude, smug and self-involved. With the senses of humour (sense of humours?) the size of gnats, generally. In this case, however, they were one in the same:

“Official figures released on Monday said demonstrators set fire to 730 cars and injured 78 policemen across France, with 592 people arrested in the violent protests against the tough-talking former interior minister.”

Hmm, I guess the police don’t follow the same rules as the French military. Shouldn’t they have followed protocol and automatically surrendered, curled up in the fetal position? How odd!

It warms my heart to see, however, that “hate figures” and slogans cross cultural and lingual lines.

“Sarkozy made his name as a law-and-order hardliner who also tightened France’s immigration laws, making him a hate figure for the left. Slogans spray-painted on the streets of Paris overnight included “Sarkozy fascist.”

If they added something about either oil or Haliburton, it could have been Seattle. Or San Fransisco. Except for the setting of cars aflame; not good for the carbon emissions problem and all.

I’m waiting to see what will happen when Sarkozy attempts to, as promised, do away with the 35 hour work week. It is a bit ironic that the people protesting when that occurs will likely be ones who do not work at all. Except for, on occasion, car manufacturing. During slow times ( in between surrendering and striking), the French actually do make cars. Sort of. Not for practical use, of course (Hello? Renault or Fiat anyone?), but to have something ready to burn for the next riot. 730 “cars” burned this time; a great success. About $700 in damages.

Sarkozy also ran on a platform of promising to shut down redundant government programs. I’m a little confused over that one, as isn’t the term redundant government programs redundant itself? Maybe you need to be French to get it.

I’m rather amused by the reaction from the Left here in the States as well over the defeat of the Socialist, Segolene Royale. I suspect some are just upset that one of the very few tap-worthy chicks in politics lost, but they can’t admit to objectifying a woman. Or else they are upset because their claims of “everyone hates America now because of George Bush” aren’t standing up to closer examination. Sarkozy ran on a strong Pro-American stance. And won. If America was so unilaterally despised, his much admitted admiration for the United States would surely have sunk his campaign. Sort of like how Joe Lieberman was a goner due to his hawkish Iraq War stance. That didn’t work out so well for the Left either.

In any event, I say Kudos, France! I will remain hopeful that the election of Sarkozy will also bode well for the EU. I won’t hold my breath, but I’ll attempt optimism. Either way, I’m glad to see Chirac finally go. He became so pathetic that I couldn’t even muster up the energy to insult him any longer. However, once out of office, the corruption probes against Chirac can begin in earnest which, I guarantee, will provide much fodder for mockery. Joy! Or, rather, Joie!

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