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Poor Hillary Has No Friends

April 17, 2007

Hillary Has One Senate Endorsement

“Sen. Hillary Clinton is said to be among the hardest working and most respected senators, so say the media spinmeisters.

But so far, Sen. Clinton has won the endorsement of just one senatorial colleague in her bid to run for president, according to The Hill newspaper.

The lone Clinton supporter is, not surprisingly, Sen. Charles Schumer, her fellow Democrat from New York.

Hillary has also won the endorsement of 26 members of House of Representatives. But here’s another interesting factoid: of the 26 House members backing Clinton, all but five are from her home state of New York.

Hillary’s base of congressional support appears narrow and shallow when compared to other presidential candidates who have backing that is far more diverse.”

Full article here

For some reason, this strikes me as hysterically funny. The one who was to be crowned Madame (or Comrade) President with ease, can’t even get her fellow Democrats to back her. Guess they are all hedging their bets. Or else they have more brains than I thought and can’t stand her either. Can’t say as I blame them, either way.

Free Advice for you, Ms. Rodham hyphen Clinton: Get a personality, lose the cankles and stop pretending you are from Selma, Alabama.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 19, 2007 5:00 am

    Damn, I want her nominated. Guess the further they go to the left, the less influence Bill has on them. Though in his defense I must say he has been going further left making dean- kucinich like comments of “I can make peace with Syria in 35 minutes”. I guess his polls showed that was the most popular amount of time for todays hurried society.

    Lori, please it is such a rare treat to glimpse at her cankles from under those gorgeous poly-blend pantsuits.


  2. Anonymous permalink
    April 22, 2007 10:03 am

    I really feel sorry for this poor idiotic woman. She just needs to go away and hide her spastic face…

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