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Michigan Governor Stealing Private Donations to Vets

April 14, 2007

Please read the article here

Yes, that is right. Not only is she cutting money to our brave veterans, but she is freezing PRIVATELY DONATED funds. Not only is she in charge of tax dollars, but she is also in charge of charitable donations. What world is this?

The Democrats in Michigan, after 2 received a nice free trip to California courtesy of Apple, want to provide free Ipods to all schoolchildren in Michigan. Yet, they want to take away money, privately donated no less, from Veterans.

I am sickened by this. I also won’t hold my breath for it to be reported on CNN, MSNBC et al.

$185,000 to provide these honorable men and women with a little entertainment and recreation….not even anything extravagant. We are talking about things like donuts and trips to butterfly exhibits. Surely, surely they are entitled to this and far more. If anyone is entitled to anything, it is our Veterans. I’d go so far as to say they are the only people who are literally entitled. They have served us all and paid dearly for it, in ways that those of us who haven’t served will never know.

Veteran Harold Ott said it best:

“They can give up their free lunches, and their free cars and their free gas in Lansing,” said volunteer Donald Kramer. “Put that money back in the veterans homes where it belongs. If it wasn’t’ for you veterans, Lansing wouldn’t be here and them people wouldn’t have a job.”

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